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About Jindal School of International Affairs

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India’s rising economic and military might must be complemented with a world class international affairs social science base that will generate and test theories and peddle a special Indian variant or brand of global studies. JSIA has become the locus of such an ambitious vision by situating India as a vibrant ground for social science ideas and debates and giving India a leadership role on the world stage. JSIA aims to place India on the global map as a provider of knowledge that is internationally relevant and of the highest standards.

JSIA is a response to numerous calls to action for improving the human resources India possesses in its journey of global ascendancy. It is unbecoming of an aspirant to great power status in the international system to not possess institutions that can produce knowledge which can form the basis for resolving the most pressing global problems of our time.

The byline for JSIA reads, ‘India’s First Global Policy School’. We are the first Masters (MA) degree-awarding graduate school in any Indian university to date which explicitly combine the scholarly weights of three inter-related disciplines, viz. International Relations, International Law and International Business. This holistic ‘Global Policy’ approach stands apart from traditional approaches to studying world affairs, which were largely confined to the sub-field of Political Science known as International Relations. 

JSIA offers world class inter-disciplinary education that connects a completely new mega-discipline that can be labelled as ‘global policy studies’ or ‘world affairs studies’. In the fall of 2015, we began  a three year B.A. in Global Affairs degree designed for (10+2) grade students interested in international policies and the global processes that affect all societies.